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The Importance of Treating Childhood Trauma

The effects of childhood trauma manifest in many forms, often leading to misdiagnosis, stigmatization, and overmedication, particularly in marginalized populations. Here, we address the need for more trauma-informed care providers.

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Adolescent Addiction (and Its Causes)

While harmful to anyone, addictive behaviors are exponentially so for developing brains. The physiological effects of such behaviors, coupled with the vulnerability to peer pressure, places adolescents at increased risk.

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The Art of Soulbriety™

When we go through trauma, we feel like pieces of ourselves have “broken off.” Through Soulbriety, we rediscover and reintegrate those lost aspects to return to spiritual wholeness.

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IG Live With Gabby Berstein

In this live IG interview, Dr. Elisa Hallerman and Gabby Bernstein discuss how the unprecedented challenges we faced, individually and collectively, during the pandemic led to a significant uptick in

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