Experience being - a new approach encouraging mindful engagement

Intention Setting Sessions

Introducing experience being for RMA: A First-of-Its-Kind Experiential Therapy, fostering mindful engagement, holistic integration, and connection to cognitive and behavioral therapies.

being x RMA brings this experiential approach utilizing stones as symbolic tools to deepen self-awareness, promote healing, and support recovery, into Residential, Intensive Outpatient and Sober Living environments

Together, we curate tailored workshops and offerings unique to your culture and treatment needs.

Available both in-person and virtually, providing flexibility and accessibility for all participants.

The Value of Intention Setting

  • Mind: Gain a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Body: Influence physical health and overall well-being.
  • Soul: Deepen spiritual connection and alignment with your higher self.

Why Stones?

  • Tangible Reminder- Return to the present moment amidst challenges.
  • Symbolic Meaning- Reflect on the meaning of the stones and your recovery journey.
  • Grounding and Anchoring- Feel the weight and texture of stones, grounding yourself in the present.
  • Energy and Intention Amplification- Share insights, challenges, and successes with others.
  • Ritual- Personalize your ritual for a unique journey


  • Patient Workshop: Harness the power of intention and stones for your recovery journey.
  • Clinician Workshop: Integrate Being Modality into clinical practice with expert guidance.
  • Family Intensives: Strengthen bonds and foster healing within families.

being GROUPS

  • Welcome Circle
  • Departure Ceremony
  • Family Workshop
  • Self discovery day journeys
  • Morning gratitude
  • 10th step

being SPACE

Creating a space for individuals to choose a stone aligned with specific intentions can be both visually appealing and emotionally supportive.


  • Each set includes thoughtfully selected being Stones, perfect for various intentions like Welcome/Milestones/Moving forward and more.
  • Every collection comes with a description card and includes a linen pouch with at least three stones.