RMA Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions our clients have for us

If you are struggling with what to do next or asking yourself “now what?”
Yes, we can help with the entire process, from planning, picking treatment options, and executing, to security, transport, and family aftercare.
After doing a full assessment, we are better able to put a plan together to support each family member’s individual needs, as well as the family system as a whole.
We will help plan aftercare with the treatment team and assist with a seamless transition.
No, we are operating as a consulting company and do not accept insurance or write superbills for our services.
After the medical and psychological assessment process, we help coordinate care for medical, educational, legal, business, and lifestyle. In addition, we have an education department, and we also support with respect to moving and lifestyle, as well as one-on-one addiction and mental-health coaches; we also help with insurance reimbursement.
No, we are only aligned with our clients.
Yes, we have clients all over the world.
A recovery manager is a professional who guides people and companies to make important decisions about mental/behavioral health and wellness by advising them on current sophisticated scientific information, efficacy of medical care and clinicians, treatment options, and laws, and how all of these apply to the client’s unique experience.