The Art of Soulbriety™

When we go through trauma, we feel like pieces of ourselves have “broken off.” Through Soulbriety, we rediscover and reintegrate those lost aspects to return to spiritual wholeness.

If you’ve just stumbled upon this website, you may be wondering, “What is soulbriety?”

That’s a great question, and a good place to start. Sobriety, of course, is the state of being sober (or you could think of it as the art of being sober)—not inebriated, not drunk, not under the influence of drugs. It’s something that seems easy until it doesn’t, and every mom who has started relying on increasing amounts of wine to get her through the days and every teenager who began taking pills to stay alert for exams and every lonely person who found a little too much comfort in the liquor bottle knows what a struggle it can be.

Soulbriety™ is connecting with your soul, and helping to heal it. It can help you in the struggle with addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol or some behaviors, and help you find an inner peace you may not have known existed.

Think how wonderful it would feel to truly feel at peace, to feel well, at one with your heart and soul.

If you’re struggling with addiction or past trauma, or just wanting to reconnect with your body and soul, Soulbriety™ has much to offer you.

My journey to discovering the practice of soulbriety came after I had worked through my own addiction to alcohol and drugs. I would soon discover that I still wasn’t at peace, and had other self-damaging behaviors involving work and relationships. I knew there had to be a better way.

Soulbriety™ is a different way of thinking about recovery from trauma and addiction. Here’s a basic breakdown.

  1. We no longer need to run and hide from our pain, trauma, suffering, and losses.
  2. It is a twisty and intricate road to travel, so we go slowly, we take in the surroundings, we use the time on the path to learn, not escape.
  3. We find a dark corner where we can make a resting place and decorate it to our liking. This will serve as our safe place to go and work on the pieces of us that have “broken off,” are left on the floor so to speak.
  4. We meet our various parts, generally starting with the most obvious—for me it was my addiction persona. Spend time writing down the characteristics of this persona, drawing a picture of it and naming it.
  5. As your image becomes more identifiable, talk to it. See what it has to say. The most important questions are why are you here and what do you want to tell me. Then listen.
  6. On the days you feel frozen, lost, or feel hopeless remember this—you are soul. You are powerful beyond what you know. You have access to something greater than yourself. Soul is trying to communicate with you, get your attention and now while you may feel alone, you are actually right on the other side of breaking through and reconnecting with the essence of your life. So take a deep breath and be still. 

And remember that tomorrow is another day, and that this is just the beginning of a journey.

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