The Open House Podcast with Louise Rumball

In this episode entitled, “HEALING - Your soul is whispering to you - are you listening? , Dr. Hallerman discusses trauma, addictions, and how to navigate it all.

Do you ever find yourself asking yourself quietly (or loudly) ‘is this it?. ‘Is this everything I was put on this Earth to experience?’. Or ‘when I just get X, Y or Z I’ll be happier?’ Alternatively, do you find yourself thinking you have most of the things you should have to be happy, but something is missing? Maybe you keep partying, on repeat, or relying on drugs or alcohol to get through the week? Do you want more but don’t know where to go next? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.

Sobriety didn’t revolutionize Dr. Elisa’s life as she hoped it might. In fact, it was the moment when Vince Vaughn fired her from her position as his best-in-the-business, high-flying manager at United Talent Agency that the rest of her life truly began. 

Next, the Universe guided her on a journey to becoming a Doctor in Depth Psychology with a focus on Neuroscience and Trauma, and then onto founding the first-ever Recovery Management Agency.

Today, Louise & Dr. Elisa discuss:

  • The feeling of ‘I’ll be happy when I just get there.’
  • The concepts of trauma, chronic trauma, and their connection to our physical body.
  • How the limbic system can’t communicate with you in words; it can only communicate in feelings and energy.
  • The concept of ‘wearing a mask’ in day-to-day life and losing ourselves in this identity.
  • How we have a ‘crisis of meaning’ and what to do next
  • What it means to have a spiritual practice (and how to start).
  • How rejection is always redirection, plus
  • How to help someone who is navigating addiction

Louise also shares her own personal stories around her own recent rejection, redirection and soul whispers- as well as her own journey with asking frequently ‘is this it?

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