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Heal Your Heartbreak

In the episode entitled, “#202 Trauma, Addiction, and Breakups with Dr. Elisa Hallerman,” Dr. Hallerman discussed her journey to recovery and how she ultimately shifted her career.

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Bloom on WFLA-TV

In the segment entitled “A Soul-Centered Approach to Addiction and Trauma,” Dr. Hallerman discussed her book Soulbriety A Plan to Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul.

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Unpolished Therapy Podcast

Author of SOULBRIETY™, Dr. Hallerman has penned her plan to heal trauma, overcome addiction and reconnect with soul. “Elisa is also the founder of Recovery Management Agency, the world’s first

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Oprah Daily

10 Ways to Embrace Wholeness Every Day. Expert advice on how to cut through the noise and get in touch with your truest self.

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