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Healing Trauma and Re-Awakening Your Soul with Dr. Elisa Hallerman

We know that trauma and addiction affect the brain and body in so many ways. But when Dr. Elisa Hallerman overcame addiction and began working with others in recovery, she realized there was something big missing in the conversation about trauma and addiction: how it affects the soul.

This inspired her to create a new paradigm for talking about sobriety called “Soulbriety,” and it’s changing the game for how people heal.

In this episode, Dr. Hallerman shares all about what the soul is and how we can heal it from trauma, how she worked through her pain (and how you can too) and how to navigate a “dark night of the soul” to bring greater healing and wisdom into our lives.

She also talks about the different types of trauma, how they affect the body and brain and what trauma healing modalities are most effective for different situations.

This episode is PACKED with practical information about healing trauma and addiction along with beautiful explanations of how our souls work and the journey each soul takes to grow in wisdom and maturity.

Listen to discover:

  • Hallerman’s “Soulbriety” method of healing addiction and trauma
  • What the soul is
  • What trauma does to our soul
  • How to create space to go into your soul and do the work
  • One thing you can do if you’re in pain right now
  • Why some people are unhappy even if they have “everything”
  • How to find a good trauma therapist
  • The best trauma healing modalities
  • What a “dark night of the soul” is – and how it can lead to wisdom
  • The stages of the soul journey and how to turn pain into purpose
  • Hallerman’s Recovery Management Agency

If you have experienced trauma of any kind or find yourself in a difficult season of growth, this episode will give you hope, a higher perspective and helpful next steps to turn pain into purpose.

“I think that everyone has some form of an addiction…We all have that desire to want instant gratification and to want something outside of ourselves to make ourselves feel better.” – Dr. Elisa Hallerman

“I describe trauma as soul loss.” – Dr. Elisa Hallerman

“When we’re in pain as humans, the last thing that we typically do is sit, get curious and listen.” – Michelle Chalfant

“The inner work is really looking at and making what is unknown known.” – Dr. Elisa Hallerman

“Individuals are different, their trauma is different and the way that their bodies and brains interpret that event are going to be different.” – Dr. Elisa Hallerman

“If you have trauma, make sure you are finding the right therapist.” – Michelle Chalfant

“The dark nights of the soul are the moments in our life where we have to take the time and really have the patience to sit and really alchemize all of that information and that pain. And that is where the wisdom is going to come from.” – Dr. Elisa Hallerman

“What is that piece inside yourself that you haven’t yet healed?” – Dr. Elisa Hallerman

“When people think we’ve made mistakes in our lives, it’s like ‘Are they mistakes? Or can we turn them around and create something beautiful from what we’ve experienced in the past?’” – Michelle Chalfant

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