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Category: Trauma

Is Soulbriety Right For Me

Some call it “hitting rock bottom”; others, the “dark night of the soul.” Soulbriety offers a different perspective on trauma and how we can emerge from the void to experience

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Trauma and Its Triggers

Trauma is so damaging in part because it’s reactivated by sights, smells, conversations, etc., that we associate with the original event. Discovering and disarming these triggers is critical to any

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The Importance of Treating Childhood Trauma

The effects of childhood trauma manifest in many forms, often leading to misdiagnosis, stigmatization, and overmedication, particularly in marginalized populations. Here, we address the need for more trauma-informed care providers.

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The Art of Soulbriety™

When we go through trauma, we feel like pieces of ourselves have “broken off.” Through Soulbriety, we rediscover and reintegrate those lost aspects to return to spiritual wholeness.

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