DeDe Hallerman

Assessments and Family Support

DeDe Hallerman (MSW, certified coach) specializes in helping families identify and work through relational impasses. Having grown up in a family of addicts, she is well versed in what it is like to be on the other side of suffering with a parent or sibling. Her passion to help families through crisis moments, as well as her unique interpersonal skills, allow her to bring out the best in everyone involved. Her approach is compassionate, patient, and authentic.

DeDe has a master’s in social work from New York University. She is also certified in mindfulness and has been trained and certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas, bestselling author of Calling in the One and Conscious Uncoupling. She brings her own coaching style to cutting-edge treatment focused on applying one’s own inner work to emotional health, lifestyle, spirituality, love, family, and relationships.

DeDe has curated “power sessions,” which focus attention on a specific area that is of concern to a client in an effort to help them gain clarity, create solutions, and move forward with their day.

After seeing the stress her clients were under during big life changes, she developed a passion for connecting wellness and lifestyle; the result is DeDe’s clickable links.