Catie Cartisano, MSW, LCSW, LSUDC

Family Intensive

Catie received her Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social work along with Advanced Substance Use Disorder training at the University of Utah. With 13 years of experience, Catie specializes in family systems, trauma treatment, experiential techniques, and attachment-focused therapy. She has honed her skills by working with diverse populations, including high-acuity mental health patients. This extensive experience uniquely positions her to handle severe cases of PTSD, trauma, substance use disorders, family systems, and severe mental illness.

As a Certified Trauma Therapist, Catie is also trained in EMDR, along with other evidenced- based modalities. She brings innovative therapeutic approaches to her practice, focusing on addressing trauma at its core and healing attachment wounds. Her distinctive perspective involves examining addiction through an attachment lens. Catie emphasizes the crucial first step of detaching from maladaptive coping skills and behaviors, recognizing it as a foundational aspect of developing healthy relationships and healing family systems.