Ashley Hamilton

Drug and Alcohol Counselor/Sober Coach

From the desperation and isolation caused by my substance use disorder, I sentenced myself to a mental prison, tossing away the key. It was a lifetime of misery with no way out. I couldn’t get clean or live without drugs and alcohol. It was the darkest days of my life and my breaking point. I understand the feeling of not wanting to live another day in the life of anguish, but being unable to end it. Sometimes, desperation is a gift. The scariest words I ever said were, “I need help,” trusting strangers to recover not only from an addiction to drugs and alcohol, but also from an eating disorder that had gripped me. You’re not alone; I’ve been there. Hoping for relief or an end to life, I didn’t happiness or sobriety were possible. But you can recover and live beyond your wildest dreams. Helping people like us is my purpose. You don’t have to do this alone. Together we’re powerful; alone, we’re powerless.