Allison Cohen

Director of Operations & Client Services

I am currently living in Westport, CT, with my husband of 23 years. Both of our children are in college, so we are newly empty nesters. I have known Elisa (Dr. Hallerman) since 2004, but it was more recently that I needed her expertise, guidance, and advocacy in my own life. I thought I knew what Elisa did for work, but it wasn’t until I saw first hand how she guided me and my family that I really understood. I wanted to be a part of it, and to be a part of something that would allow me to use my skill set, capitalize on my strengths, and be a conduit for helping other families in their healing process.

I studied human development and have a M.S. in early childhood education. For 20 years, I taught preschool in both New York City and Westport. I operated the business office at Pine Forest Camp for five years. I was chosen to act as a consultant to a children’s educational video series called Sporty Minds.

My passion has always been music and dance, through whichI have been able to create depth in my soul and connect with others. I am a die-hard Grateful Dead and Phish girl, and you can most often find me at an outdoor music festival.

My journey these last few years has been one of self-healing, and while I am still growing down, I am available to always share my experience, strength, and hope with each and every person who reaches out to us.