Allison Cohen

Director of Operations & Client Services

Allison has been working closely with Dr. Elisa Hallerman for several years, managing all operations and client coordination for Recovery Management Agency.  She has direct lines of communication with clients, families, clinicians, teams, and treatment centers, always making sure everyone is connected and on the same page. 

As first point of contact, Allison will provide information about RMA, educate the family regarding Dr. Hallerman’s process, and work in a timely fashion to connect clients with Dr. Hallerman.  She works swiftly in times of crisis management and will always be a direct line of communication for individuals and families. 

Allison has a keen understanding of the complexities involved in recovery management and wellness. Here at RMA, she is able to streamline day to day operations, ensuring optimal efficiency and client satisfaction throughout their journey at RMA. 

She currently lives in Westport, CT, with her husband of 25 years, and has two grown wonderful children.  There was a time that Elisa guided her own family when needed,  and now Allison is a conduit for helping other families in their healing process.

She studied human development and has a M.S. in Education. For 20 years, she taught in both New York City and Westport. She operated the business office at Pine Forest Camp for five years, and was chosen to act as a consultant to a children’s educational video series called Sporty Minds. Her passion has always been music and dance,  which creates depth in her soul and connections with others. As a die-hard Grateful Dead and Phish fan, you can most often find her at an outdoor music festival.

Allison’s  journey these last few years has been one of self-healing. She is always available to share her story, her experience, strength, and hope with each and every person who reaches out to us.