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Dr. Elisa Hallerman is featured on today’s Just Jenny podcast. Elisa lived through drug addiction and trauma and is now devoting her life to helping others. We talk about her new book, “Soulbriety,” and we get into all of it.
Dr. Elisa Hallerman, PhD, JD, is the founder of Recovery Management Agency, the first agency devoted to helping addicts heal their addictions by reawakening their souls, after pivoting from her career as a Hollywood agent and changing the course of her life. Her book, Soulbriety – A Plan to Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul – tackles issues of overcoming addiction, to going back to school in your 40’s, and all through storytelling. Elisa weaves in comprehensive information about substance abuse, mental illness, eating disorders, grief, suicide, and other current and important topics, using examples from her own life and from her past clients.

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