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Writing Your Soul-Centered Memoir with Kelly Notaras and Elisa Hallerman

Have you been thinking of writing your soul-centered memoir but aren't quite sure where to begin? Or maybe you've started and are feeling a little stuck? Join Kelly Notaras and Dr. Elisa Hallerman for a one-day workshop to explore the path to your writing story.

Online - Jan. 14, 2023 - 10am (PST)

Few things are as daunting to first time writers as the prospect of writing their own story. Which scenes out of the millions of life moments need to be included? How are my friends and family going to react? Why do I feel so paralyzed when I sit down to write?

This one-day online writing workshop is the answer. Longtime book editor Kelly Notaras and memoirist (and former Hollywood talent agent) Dr. Elisa Hallerman will guide you through the most difficult pitfalls of getting started on your memoir—giving you the inspiration and information you need to kickstart the writing process.

Kelly and Elisa worked closely together for over two years as Elisa crafted her new memoir, Soulbriety: A Plan to Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul (Hachette, 2022). They both learned so much on the journey that they decided they needed to share!

At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have better contact with the “soul-centered” purpose of writing your story
  • Understand the “Soul Journey” and be able to use it to start mapping the stages of your story
  • Have chosen or solidified the primary theme for your memoir
  • Have begun to draft a scene from your memoir in a guided environment where it will feel less difficult and more exciting

If you’re looking for a head start toward putting your soul’s wisdom and story on the page, this online workshop is for you!

Click here for more workshop details and to purchase your ticket today.

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