Catie Chase

Life Coach Specializing in Education/Vocation for Adolescents and Young Adults
Catie Chase is a professional life coach, a purpose-driven educational thought leader, and an independent educational consultant for school, college, and graduate school placement. She is committed to students, young professionals, adults, and neurodiverse learners and leaders. She refers to her depth of knowledge and experiences supporting and empowering individuals, understanding and adapting to different learning styles, as “heart work.”
She supports the individual through the lens of The Modern Toolbox for Success, a concept she created while a former independent school learning specialist in West Los Angeles. The Modern Toolbox for Success cultivates courageous conversations, meaningful reflection, and purposeful action. It is a simple, inclusive visual for individuals, students, and professionals to bring self-awareness, growth, and empowerment forward.
Catie is writing a book, Understanding Me: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Managing Her Neurodiversity with Grit & Grace, providing stories, strategies, and insight for neurodivergent intersecting identities and high-achieving and twice-exceptional gifted students navigating their road to success.