The Big Silence with Karena Dawn


Dr. Elisa Hallerman is another gracious guest whose story mirrors some of my own. She’s the author of Soulbriety: A Plan to Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul (released just last month!) and the founder of her own mental health modality by the same name.

In this episode, we go deep on the complex interwoven concepts of sobriety and addiction recovery, discussing her own journey with addiction, beginning with drinking at seventeen and progressing to drugs, specifically cocaine.

Experiencing relational trauma as a child stemming from her mother’s own addiction issues and her father’s lack of presence – she then went to California, where she suffered the loss of a close friend to suicide, triggering the onset of anxiety, OCD, and panic attacks.

Addiction is never as simple as saying “yes” or “no” – we talk about the underlying issues such as trauma, predisposition, and environment that impact addiction and a person’s ability to overcome.

Soulbriety is all about factoring in your soul when it comes to healing. Our very being, our essence, is so much more than skin deep; bringing our depth of personality and experience into these painful journeys is the only way we can ever get honest with their root ca

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