Dr. Lee Y. Sadja

Consulting Psychiatrist
Dr. Lee Y. Sadja is a psychiatrist in private practice in West Los Angeles and a faculty member at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. He is licensed to practice medicine in the state of California and is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr Sadja’s areas of clinical expertise include Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mood Disorders, and the intensive outpatient treatment of severe Personality Disorders. Dr. Sadja received his medical degree from The University of Southern California in 1973. He completed a medical internship at Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center, 1973-1974. His psychiatric residency was at the University of Colorado Medical Center, 1975-1979. From 2004-2006, he returned to school for a post graduate degree in Advanced Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the New Center for Psychoanalysis.
Dr. Sadja’s clinical expertise encompasses psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic modalities. His major clinical foci are noted above. Dr Sadja is a pioneer in the utilization of outpatient multidisciplinary treatment teams in a private practice setting to treat severe personality disorders. Dr. Sadja has worked in multiple academic environments. From 1990-1991, he was a staff psychiatrist and Medical Student Instructor, at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. From 1982-1984, he was a Teaching Attending at the Sepulveda VAMC Crisis Unit. Currently, he is active as an assistant clinical professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine, where he supervises psychiatric residents. He is also an attending psychiatrist at the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital.
Over the years, Dr Sadja has served in multiple administrative venues, most recently as Medical Director, UCLA Adult Partial Hospital and Intensive Outpatient Program, 2002-2007. He is currently the President of Psychiatric Corporation of America. Dr. Sadja has consulted with the Westwood Institute of Anxiety Disorders for over 10 years.